Sell E BEAM INTERACTIVE - Control your PC from your white board

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With eBeam Interactive, you can control your computer from the front of the classroom or meeting room. Simply attach the receiver to any flat surface, aim your projector and away you go.

The eBeam receiver is equipped with Bluetooth and can wirelessly transfer all of your on-screen actions to your PC. Free yourself from cables and connect over the air.

Schools around the world have already discovered the tremendous impact eBeam Technology can make in the classroom. Handwritten notes, color diagrams and images can now be captured onto a Mac, PC or Palm Handheld - where they can be saved, printed, emailed or shared over the Internet, or local network, in real-time. Standard whiteboards can also be converted into interactive presentation screens with an eBeam System and the help of a data projector.

eBeam Systems are lightweight, highly portable, are able to move from classroom to classroom, and can retrofit any existing whiteboard as large as 8ft wide by 5ft tall. eBeam Systems are also a mere fraction of the cost of other, less portable and less functional electronic whiteboards