Sell E Glass/C Glass Chopped Strand MAT

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Chopped strand mat
Model No.
CSM200, 300, 380, 450, 600
Brand Name
Country of Origin
Product Description
C glass and E glass chopped strand mat is a kind of non-wveven material made from fiberglass strands chopped to 50mm length and bonded together with polyester powder binder or emulision. Chopped strand mat is used primarily for hand lay-up processes, filament winding and press molding of FRP products. Typical products include bathroom accessories, pipe, building materials, automobiles, furniture and other FRP products.

Product Characteristics
1. Easy Lay-up & Air Release
2. Fast Wet-out & impregnation
3. Even thickness
4. Good Affinity to Mould
Technical specifications (E glass)
R2O Content <0. 8%
Compatible Resin Polyester
Fiber Diameter 13um
Moisture Content </=0. 2%
LOI 2~8%
Binder type Powdered or Emulsion Polyester or eumulsion
Styrene Solubility <50 seconds
Speed of wet-out <60seconds
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
in 30days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
CIF buyer's port