Sell E-glass Stitched Mat

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E-glass stitched mat is made from chopped fiberglass strands randomly dispersed and laid on a roving matrix and stitched together with organic fibers, stitched Mat is used primarily in pultrusion, RTM, filament winding and hand lay-up processed, Typical products include pultruded parts, pipe, storage tanks, wind generator blades and other FRP products.
Technical indexes:
Alkali content: <0.8% Coupling agent: Silicane Resin system: Polyester
Water content : <0.2% Filament Dia. : 11-135m roving: 17/245m
1. Even thickness, high wet tensile strength retention, on strand interlocking and low distortion.
2. Directional properties and strengths equal to woven roving.
3. Flexibility to design different weaving structures.
4. Very little material required to achieve maximum tensile strength properties.
Loop bonding rolls on 7.2cm curing core. packed by polyene bag.