Sell E-lock

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E- lock is a kind of USB with the functions to lock all the separate parts or programmers in your computer, so that others can not use the locked programmers or read the locked files in your computer.

After e-lock installed on your computer, no one can change the setting without e-lock stick onto the USB slot & enter into e-lock with correct password.
With e-lock installed on your computer, you can get so many functions as follows. It can all operate with very easy selections.

Main Detail Functions:
1. Internet Lock Solutions:
A. Block ADSL/ISDN/INTERNET connecting into the computer. The computer can be set connect into internet in a limit time. When the time you time runs out, your computer will automatically close the connection to internet.
B. Block unhealthy website. You can appoint certain websites that your computer is allowed to access. Or you can appoint certain websites that you think unhealthy for your children to be blocked on your computer.
C. Block the function of ICQ or other chatting software on your computer.
D. Block local or internet 2D/3D games.

2. PC Data Security Solutions:
A. Block the function of DELETE. You can select some documents in your computer as important data, so that no one can delete the documents. Only if you stick the e-lock onto the computer again & enter correct password.
B. Block the function of Open. You can select some documents as your secret. So that no one can see the documents without e-lock stick onto the computer.

3. Computer Lock Solutions:
A. Block the use of CD-driver / Floppy Disk, so that others can not install software into your computer & avoid virus infection.
B. Lock the appointed exe files.
C. Time limit solution. You can set a limit time to let others use your computer. The computer will automatically close when the time is out.
4. Computer Activity Trace Management
You can get all the trace that your compute had done in the past from e-lock. So that you can get some information from it.

With these functions,
If you are a person with children, you can let your children use the family computer under your setting. So that your children can take good use of the computer & avoid other unhealthy things.
If you are a boss of a company, you can let your staff work more hard under a better circumstance.
If you are going to lend your computer to others, you can also do some security activities on it.
With e-lock, you can do more. . . .