Sell E-quiz Room

E-quiz Room
Provide you with powerful quiz functions, enabling you to quickly and easily perform teaching evaluation activities. This section includes the following major function components:Quiz Maker: a tool for the teacher to create, edit or save quiz papers. Start Quiz: includes quiz paper distribution, quiz and quiz paper collection. In special cases, you can also use it to suspend a quiz for later resumption. Quiz Grader: allows the teacher to evaluate the students' quiz papers, give appropriate scores, add annotations and send the results to the corresponding students.

>Different grades - According to different needs , system is divided four grade, college, department, grade, class

>Various functions - Filling in Blanks (Optional) , Writing Exam (Optional) , A/B Exam Paper, Intelligent Scoring

>Automatically make rules - If a student is late for the quiz for 30 minites, he will not have access to take part in the exam. And students could not submit quiz papers until the exam is over.
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