E. N. T EXAMINATION UNIT   PK-3202D You May Also Be Interested In: suction bottle
Only 2 compressors for both positive pressure and negative pressure with little noise and vibration;

Available to operate it simultaneously on both sides;

Advanced spray rod for the pulverization of liquid medicine;

Discharge pollution automatically;

Stable performance in heating;

Technical parameter

Positive pressure pump: 2.5kg/cm2; negative pressure pump: 740mm Hg; main suction bottle: 3000CC; sub suction bottle: 1000cc; cleaning device: air filter regulator;

Power: 1000w; voltage: 220v; frequency: 50/60HZ; throat preheater: 250w; weight: 15kg; cold light source: 250w; dimension: 145(w) *73(D) *90(H) ;

Standard layout

Spray rod: curved 2pcs, straight 4pcs; suction device: 2pcs; blow device: 2pcs; spot light: 2pcs, 100-150w; tray: 1pc, 36*27cm; tampon container: 2pcs. cold light source

Optional accessories

ENT operating chair; endoscope; endoscope optical impression system; image management system;