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Features & Specifications
Voice Remote Control, a voice-activated remote control, allows users to give voice commands to most home appliances, such as TV, air conditioners, Hi-Fi stereos and Set Top Box. Each Voice Me is equipped with the capacity of 30 voice commands. The user needs to name the device as he likes before launching out the voice command function. The device is always alert to the owner's voice. Whenever named, he is immediately ready for the execution of voice commands.

7 Voice control remotely
The powerful recognition performance allows users to stand far away from Voice Me when giving voice commands to operate appliances. No need to talk to it closely ! Neither press on buttons is required when you want to operate home electronics, just give voice commands to activate TV, VCD/DVD player, air conditioner, set top box, Hi-Fi stereo, etc. It's absolutely hands-free activation !

7 Plug & Play
No modification on existing appliances is required to have them voice-activated.

7 Infrared learning capability
With the infrared learning capability, your home electronics can easily be upgraded as voice-activated by copying the corresponding infrared signals into Voice Me under the user-defined voice command.

7 Always alert to voice, 24-hour power-on.


- Power consumption:
Rated current: 300mA
- IR reception distance: 1m(3.3 ft)
- Linear ultimate distance of IR emission: 10m(33 ft)
- Ultimate speech input distance: 5m(17 ft)
- IR reception angle: 145∘
- Cover range per IR emission: 160∘
- Power rating of speaker: 0.1W
- Operating temperature:
00C ~ 400C (320F ~ 1040F)

Package includes:

- Voice Me
- AC/DC power adapter
- Quick Guide
- User's Manual

Dimension: 147(D) W 30(H) mm

Package: Gift Box (28 x 21.5 x 7cm)