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@The best and convenient OA
@Use easily, self-taught.
The fast inner part communicate,
@message deliver in time and, early warning
Let you work relaxed delectation

Timecard management
While arriving the company, open your computer then can register up, go off work time and the administrator of the system can search all months with whole staff of up, go off work time
Personal transact the interface always interactively:
Combine the calendar with treat to handle affairs the item to connect, can automatic record unsettled affair. The system has the function that auto remind, reminding the affair of your not yet finished. Let the work plan Complete successfully.
The work calendar
The calendar can set the privacy degree, using tree form structure manifestation the privilege with the different dept is public or hidden protection ability
The convenient tree form structure show that can carry on setting the different dept. and level easily
Announce system:
Release the object, include the meeting, particular dept. or personnel, user while take a look at announce, can see match the legal privilege announce only. Adopt the tree form structure , while taking for the convenience of many candidates usage, provide the function of announce the automatic continuation piece, be to announce to exceed the term, will descend the file automatically
privilege management:
You can quickly set the dept. management, the role , user account, password.