Sell ECG Monitor (HomeCare)

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Handheld ECG Monitor, an Epoch-Making Product, which is designed for home use with the purpose of health care. It has so many advantages to became people's personal heart safeguard!
- With exquisite design and palm size, the 'Observer' is small, light and very convenient to carry.

Timely Detection
- When people feel unwell and experience mild discomfort in the upper body, the 'Observer' can timely detect and record the abnormality of heart.

Early Prevention
-'Observer' can timely detect electrocardiogram and record the health condition of heart for early prevention. Prevention is always better than treatment.

Diagnosis Assistance
- The detection result of 'Observer' can help the doctor to make early diagnosis.

Simple Operation and Rapid Test
- Just by two hands or chest, after 30s measurement, the users can see the analysis results easily provided by 'Observer' automatically