Sell ECG workstation

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1. Connected with laptop computer to form a portable ECG workstation
2. Patient is completely isolated from computer sets, which absolutely ensure the safely of patients.
3. Digital signal, no interference with other devices
4. High sampling rate, 1000 sampling/sec
5. Digital filter system
6. The technique of anti-baseline-drift ensures the stability of ECG signal baseline
7. Wilson and Frank modes
8. The power module meets the international standard of IEC601-1
9. Easy to operate and perfect printout
10. Diagnosis of coronary heart disease with 12-lead
11. Perfect time domain, frequency domain, and nonlinear HRV analysis
12. Perfect ECG database management system
Technical parameters
1. ECG box (patient isolation and data acquisition)
2. 12-lead ECG cable
3. RS232 interface with PC
4. Sample rate: 500Hz
5. Resolution: 12 bit
6. Receiver power: 5.0V(DC)
7. Lead: 12-lead standard ECG

Nine functions
12-lead ECG with auto interpretation
High frequency
Pacing ECG
An ECG is used to measure:
 Any damage to the heart
 How fast your heart is beating and whether it is beating normally
 The effects of drugs or devices used to control the heart (such as a pacemaker)
 The size and position of your heart chambers
An ECG is a very useful tool for determining whether a person has heart disease. Your doctor may order this test if you have chest pain or palpitations.
An ECG may be included as part of a routine examination in patients over age 40.
Normal Results
 Heart rate: 50 to 100 beats per minute
 Heart rhythm: consistent and even
There are generally no risks. An ECG only monitors the heart's electrical activity. No electricity is sent through the body, so there is no risk of shock.
The accuracy of the ECG depends on the condition being tested. Some heart conditions are not detectable all the time, and others may never produce any specific ECG changes.
A person who has had a heart attack or who may have heart disease may need more than one ECG. There is no reason for healthy people to undergo annual testing unless they have a family history of heart disease or another medical condition.