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This capsule is according to the folklore prescription of the Chinese medicine pharmacy which named  ZHENGYUANTANG established in late Qing Dynasty. This capsules is made of Ginseng, Longan, Epimedium, Yam, cornel, Tall Gastraodia Tuber and other tens valuable natural herbs. From the essential to prevention and recover the ED & Impotence problems which can be take in long term as health supplement. In large degree to keep the natural component. No chemical, No addiction, No side-effect.

Main ingredients: Ginseng, Longan, Tribulus terrestris, Epimedium, Yam, Tall Gastraodia Tuber

Function: 1. Increasing the bodys own testosterone production.
2. Increase sperm production, sperm survival, and sperm motility.
3. Reduce smooth muscle spasms and muscle enhancer in some degree, increased athletic performance and helps to restore male fertility in general.

Clinic Research:
1. Has sex hormone function, increase sexual performance & times.
2. Keep the sperm sufficient & exciting status always.
3. Stay the brain organize doat apparently.
4. Improving blood circulation.
5. Preventionion the lost of calcium.
6. Improving hemopoiesis of marrow organize.
7. Delay the pathological changes of cell.

Symptom: Impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) , giddy, tinnitus, night-urine frequently

User colony:
Subhealthy person, osteoporosis, Impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) , elder person, whom want to protract the sex time and activity.

Specification & Dosage: 500mg/Capsule 90capsule/ bottle 2bottles/box
Oral, 3 capsules/time daily before meal

Registration classify & Cert. No. : Dietary supplement & CWSZZ(2006)080

Storage: keep in cool & dry place.

Period of validity: 18 months

Recommend: 1. Keep away from child & Pregnant.
2. Can be take always as a tonic for middle age or elder man for health care.
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