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EECP therapy uses a computer-controlled device to inflate and deflate three sets of compression cuffs that are wrapped around the patients legs and buttocks.
Eecp is a non-invasive procedure that may reduce the symptons of chronic angina by stimulating the formation of small branches of blood vessels (collaterals) , which circumvent the blocked arteries.

Product Characteristic
1. More new scientific data depending on catheter and hemodynamic technology makes great improvement of new EECP.
2. High performance computer technology & digital circuit control technology.
3. High-resolution LCD display ; Easy-to-view operating parameters including ECG, D/S ratio and so on provide a visual representation of treatment status and results.
4. Advanced WINDOWS system with humanized operation.
5. The equipment can work automatically by clicking the concerned order on the touch screen.
6. Streamline-designed, small volume, easy to operate and transport.
7. More and more patient can accept this kind of comfortable treatment.
8. Safer and More efficient.