Sell EF4-80 Computer LED Flashing cooling Fan

EF4-80 Computer LED Flashing cooling Fan You May Also Be Interested In: computer led cooling fan flashing fan led flashing fan mini fans
1) Designated to dissipate the heat of computer case or other small heat sources.
2) Good item for promotion, with LED lights, color mixed effect.
3) Logo flashing mini fans has soft flexible fan blades with embedded LED
4) LED lights contains color matrix effect
5) Quiet cooling operation with strong wind flow
6) Lower noise level with advanced transparent fan
7) Display the working temperature of computer at the same time
8) Maximum 16 characters in each message, 48 characters storage
9) Each message can be composed by using letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and more than 20 symbols and punctuation
10) Can design any words or simple patterns, numbers, logo, etc. (Such as I LOVE YOU/HEINEKEN/WAL-MART)
11) While the fan is operating, any of the six programmed messages can be displayed
12) Each message displayed will also blink, spin and rotate for attention-getting eye appeal with your computer
13) Accessional power connecter which transfer 3pin
14) RoHS, CE, EN71, EN50088 are available.

Packing details:
Fan size: 80mmx80mmx25mm
Working voltage: 11.5V-12.5V
Working current: 0.22A
Rated output power: 2.64W
Rotate speed: 1700110% rpm
Maximal breeze: 22.44CFM
Maximal slipstream: 10.5MM-H2O
Noise Ratio: 22dBA
Axletree: EBR
Useful time : 30,000 hours
Connector: 1x3pin male connector
Weight: 75g
Individual packing: white box
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Minimum Order Quantity
50 units
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