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Botanical Resource: Camellia sinensis O. Ktze.
Molecular formula: C22H18O11
Molecular weight: 458.38
CAS No. : 989-51-5
Product Spec. : EGCG 90%

Physiological Functions
Modern research and scientific data demonstrates that the beneficial effects of green tea are largely due to its main catechin, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) . EGCG makes up about 30%-50% of the total catechin content and has an antioxidant activity about 25-100 times more potent than Vitamin C and E. Recent research has also indicated that there may be positive effects of EGCG in the field of disease risk reduction regarding cancer and cardiovascular disease. Further research has revealed additional findings where green tea, green tea extract and its constituents can also contribute:
------ Antioxidant activity removing free radicals
------ Enhanced metabolism and fat oxidation
------ Oral health, including fresh breath
------ Glucose metabolism
Product Characteristic
*A very pure and refined off-white compound with strong healthy function, which can be added to a broad range of dietary supplements, food products and beverages without a major impact on their color and taste.
* Much cheaper than DSM and Taiyokagaku companys price with the same quality.