Sell EGFR Mutation Test Kit

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"EGFR29 Mutation Test Kit

Amoy Diagnostics has developed a series of first-in-class cancer test kits It is utilizes Real-time PCR to detect gene mutations, thus aiding doctors and pharmaceutical companies in determining appropriate treatments and therapies for patients.

ADx -EGFR 29 Mutation Test Kit

Numerous studies have suggested that mutations in the EGFR gene correlate with responsiveness to tyrosine kinase inhibitors(Tarceva (erlotinib) and Iressa (gefitinib) . ADx -EGFR 29 Mutation Test Kit can be used to identify likely responders to these therapies.

Key features:
-Detects 29 mutations in the EGFR gene.
-Simple work flow with result in <90min
-Sample types include DNA from plasma and fresh, frozen or paraffin embedded tissue
-Real-time PCR kit based on the new patent of probes
-High levels of accuracy
-Can detect 0.1%-1% of mutant in a background of wild-type genomic DNA
-For Research Use Only

Note: Tarceva is trademark of OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. Iressa is trademark of AstraZeneca group of companies.