Sell EI-10080 Multi-energy X-ray Security Inspection Equipment

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Technical Characters
1. Hyper-legible images
2. Large memory capacity (20000 pictures)
3. Simple humanization operation
4. Automatic error detection and maintenance system
5. Intangible-nerve-net image disposing technique is adopted
6. Double-directions searching function
7. Crisis analyzing system for quickly finding criminal suspects
General Specifications
1. Tunnel Size: 1000(W) W800 (H) mm
2. Conveyor Max. Load: 200kg
3. Conveyor Speed: 0.20m/s
4. Resolution: 0.13mm metal wire
5. Penetration: 30mm steel
6. Film safety: guaranteed up to high speed film ISO 1600
7. X-ray Leakage: less than 15Sv/h (at a distance of 5 cm from external housing)
X-ray Generator
1. Anode voltage: 140KV
2. Cooling/Duty cycle: oil cooling/100%
Image System
1. X-ray Sensor. : L-shaped photodiodes array
2. Image presentation: B/W, pseudo color, multi-energy
3. Image processing: edge enhancement, inorganic stripping, organic stripping, negative, review, penetration enhancement, network Link
4. Storage image: Storage 20000 pictures real time
5. Zone & zoom: 9 image regions, 2/4/8 times enlargement
6. Image Grey Level: 4096
7. Image max Resolution: 1280 W1024 pixel
8. Image Processing: 24-bit for processing real time
9. Monitor: high resolution color double liquid crystal display
10. Additional Features: Fading-in of date/time, luggage counter, user ID-number, display of operating mode, power-on self-diagnosis, network interface
Installation Data
1. Operating Temperature/Humidity: 00~ 450/20% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
-100~ 450/20% ~ 95%(selectable)
2. Storage Temperature/Humidity: -200~ 600/20% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
3. Power/Power Consumption: 220VAC (+10% ~ -15%) , 5013Hz/1.4KVA
Crsis Analyzing System for Quickly Finding Criminal Suspects
1. Video images screening system: Digital camera with excellent performance
2. Video images collecting system: Performing on the basis of the MPEG-4 compression technique
3. Video images storing system: Large capacity of storing digital images
4. Integrated analyzing system: Including image adjusting, searching, recalling, switching & interception functions.