Sell EJH-10080 x-ray security inspection equipment series

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The pass-through X-ray machine can be applied in airport, railway station, bus station, customhouse, courts, public security guarders, government organs, large theaters, postal service, schools, jails, embassies, workshops, freight companies, freight examinations and so on.
Product Characteristics:
(1) Adopt hard-hitting gas detector as receiver which is economic and reliable
(2) Image displays in high definition.
(3) Easy operation.
(4) Excellent performance
(5) Accurately identify the organic and inorganic matter by the atomic number of checked articles and display on screen in different colors by fitting different options, it can explosives and drugs, offering expert intelligent system on hazardous goods images.

Technical Parameter:
(1) Size of the channel:1000 (W) W800(H) mm (customize in accordance to customer's requirement)
(2) Speed of transfer belt: 0.2 m/s.
(3) Peak load of transfer: 200kg.
(4) Resolution: 0.1mm (diameter of metal) .
(5) Penetrability: 30mm steel plate.
(6) Film roll security: safe for film roll ISO 1600.
(7) Leakage dosage : less than 1.5 mikro-sievert /hour (at 5cm of hull) .
(8) Tube voltage: 140KV.
(9) Tube current: 0.7MA.