Sell EL Backlight

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Colors available:White, blue-green, green, we can meet customer needs with a variety of custom colors through blending and cascading techniques.
1. Light and thin.
2. It offers uniform brightness.
3. Consumes low power.
4. Vibration and moisture resistant.
5. Brilliant color. Attracting the viewer's attention
6. Flexible and can be fabricated to complex shape.
7. Requires an Inverter to operate.
8. Long Lifetime
9. It can even be made in miniature sizes to be incorporated into membrane keypad and some other finished products, turning them into great promotional items.

*Applications:Automotive, machine instrument backlight or consumer applications
Nameplate, precision instruments, toys, electronic gifts and advertisements
*CompetItive advantages:
Well and High Quality Control, Prompt Delivery, Competitive Prices, Small Order Acceptable, OEM Accepted.
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