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1. Function:do
1. With calendar and time display
2. with time setup function
3. can memory 120 groups of dialed number with maximum 16 digits for each one. Can show the dialing time and talk time.
4. with flash off and delete function
5. with redial function
6. lcd contrast adjust

1. When the other side picks up , it starts counting time as soon as there is a touch off signal . If it is hung up by this side after the talk, time count is stopped . If it is hung up by the other side , time count will not stop until it receives a touch off signal.
2. When you press key up in the state of hang up , it can show the dialed number and dialing time with the serial number on the right up corner of the screen. When you press key down, it can show the talk time(Maximum 999minutes 59seconds) , and the last four digits of your dialed number(the screen does not show the number if the number is less than 12digits) . You can look through the next dialed number in the same way to press up . It can memory total 120 groups of dialed number.
3. You can press key flash , then press key flashredial to re-dialing number when the line is busy.
4. When you find a dialed number , you can press key flash to delete it. Pressing key flash for 3 seconds can delete all the dialed number.
5. Pressing in the state of hang up can enter the time setup function . Press up and down to adjust numerical value and press key redial to confirm . In the same way can setup year , month, day , hour and minute in turn.
6. lcd contrast adjust: When in the state of pick up, press up and down to adjust.
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