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We supply high quality DKDP (KD*P) series, BBO series and LN (LiNbO3 or MgO:LiNbO3) series electro-optic Q-switch (Pockels cell) with low competitive price.

A Pockels cell alters the polarization state of light passing through it when an applied voltage induces birefringence changes in an electro-optic crystal such as DKDP (KD*P) and BBO. When used in conjunction with polarizers, these cells can function as optical switches, or laser Q-switches. Frequently, Q-switches are employed in laser cavities for the purpose of shortening the output pulse, resulting in a light beam with enhanced peak intensity. In order to provide the device best suited to your purpose, we offer the DKDP (KD*P) series, BBO series and LiNbO3 series Pockels cell.

You can operate the cell with either a pull-up voltage or a pulldown voltage. Changing the polarity will only change the direction of the phase rotation. You should not, however, operate the cell with a constant applied voltage potential between the terminals, or a duty cycle greater than ~ 2%.

OEM laser systems;
Medical/cosmetic lasers;
Versatile R&D laser platforms;
Military & aerospace laser systems.

Product Feature:
1) . Industry-proven performance;
2) . Dry;
3) . Highest (99.8% KD*P) deuteration levels in industry;
4) . Adhesive/Epoxy-free assembly;
5) . Apertures from 8mm diameter up to 20mm diameter;
6) . Lowest absorption in industry;
7) . High-reliability;
8) . Economical upgrade/rebuild program;
9) . Highest optical damage thresholds;
10) . Accessible technical support;
11) . Standard performance documentation;
12) . One-year limited warranty.
13) . Operation up to 1kHz.

Outline Dimension: Dia. 25.4mm x 39mm
Aperture: Dia. 10mm
Single pass optical transmission:>98%
Voltage (V lambda/4) @1064nm: 3.2KV
Extinction Ratio: >1000:1
Single Pass Insertion Loss:<2%
ICR: >2000:1
VCR: >1500:1
Transmitted Wave Front Distortion: Lambda/10
Capacitance: 3pF
Spectral Range of Operation:240-1400nm
Damage Threshold: >1GW/cm2
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10 days
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1 pc
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