Sell EOBD/OBD live data

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- Displays the DTC definitions on screen unlike other models.

- Wider coverage: support CAN-equipped vehicles.

- Reads and clears all Generic, and some Manufacturer specific DTCs.

- Resets Check Engine" lights.

- Views EOBD / OBD II Live Data"

- Views EOBD / OBD II Freeze Frame" Data.

- Displays I/M readiness status

- Retrieves the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) .

- Determines the Malfunction Indicator Lamp" (MIL) status.

- View previously tested vehicles DTC and Freeze Frame Data offline

- Hand held and easy to use with one plug-in only.

- Highly reliable and accurate.

- Safely communicates with the vehicles onboard computer.

- No batteries needed for operation. Powered via vehicles Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) .

- Internal battery power for off-vehicle reviewing of DTCs, Freeze Frame data or for powering up the unit when upgrading from PC.