Sell EP-236/12 Optical Fiber Secondary Coating Line

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This line is mainly used for extruding of fiber optical loose tube. The jacketing material is PBT etc. high strength extruding material. The inner of loose tube is filled with jelly. The line has following characteristics:
 The line construction speed is 250m/min.
 The line use international advanced degassing unit with accuracy filling flux, degassing unit is very steady and reliable.
 In order to improve technology steady characteristics, the line use auto water temperature control system.
 Extruder adopt BM screw, it is convenient for PBT melting.
 The line use high quality crosshead and accuracy electrical control system, so as to insure diameter bias of loose tube and uniformity of fiber excess length.
II. Technical characteristics.
1. Line construction speed max. : 250m/min. (200m/min. as #2.0 loose tube diameter, 150m/min. as #3.0 loose tube diameter)
2. Optical-fiber pay-off number max. : 12
3. Pay-off tension: 0.4~1.5N10.05N
4. Optical-fiber reel size: 25km and 50km international standard fiber reel
5. Tube dia. : 1.8-4.0mm
6. Oscillating angle:0~2700
7. Hot water temperature: room temperature~700
8. Cooling water temperature: 20~300(adjustable)
9. Take-up tension: 3~10N10.5N
10. Reel of take-up: 800mm.
11. Accuracy of length: <=10.3
12. Excess length accuracy:0~3 10.3
13. Additional loss: <=0.02dB/km (average loss: 0.01dB/km. )
14. The total consuming power: about 60kw, 50Hz ,380v110%, 3 phase 5 wire.
15. Outline size: about 35m(L) W3m (W) W3m(H)
16. Eq. weight: about9T.
17. Operating environment
Operating temperature: -50∽400
Relative humidity: 40∽90% without congealing
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