Sell EP series high precision optical profile projector

EP series high precision optical profile projector You May Also Be Interested In: high precision optical profile projector profile projector
Two kinds profile projector:(also can connect will computer)
(1) EP 2010 (2) EP 2515
Technical Specifications:
Table dimensions: 350*170mm 420*250mm
Glass dimension: 230*120mm 290*190mm
X measurement travel: 200mm 250mm
Y measurement travel: 100mm 150mm
Z focusing travel: 90mm 90mm
XY readout resolution: 0.001mm 0.001mm
Axial measuring accuracy: (3+L/100) 5m (3+L/100) 5m

Screen diameter: 315mm 415mm
A readout range: 0-360 degree 0-360 degree
A readout resolution: 0.01 degree 0.01 degree
Max. counter distortion: 0.08% 0.08%

Magnifications: 10* 20* 50* 10* 20* 50*
Visible field (dia. ) : 30mm 15mm 6mm 40mm 20mm 8mm
Object focal distance: 73mm 35mm 15mm 81mm 71mm 65mm

All measured results can be printed or transfered to computer for further processing.
Brand Name
ISO9001 CE
Minimum Order Quantity