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[Effective component]
 Type of C: EPA 1618% DHA 1517% total content =30% (Normal) ;
 Type of D: EPA 1525% DHA 2535% total content =50% (Intensify) ;

[Main effect]
 Regulate the blood ester, prevent the atherosclerosis;
 Get rid of the rubbish in the blood vessel, such as: triglyceride and cholesterol etc;
 Prevent the disease of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular, such as: high blood pressure, high fat of blood, cerebral thrombus, coronary heart disease etc.

After the technology of saponification, esterification and purification of five-step molecule distillation, the refine fish oil of high-quality was made into fatty acid ethyl fish oil with different yellowish. then made into hongyangshen EPA capsule. The whole course time to process finished product is controled within 24 hours, it keep the effective component of fish oil strictly and the fresh of the content. This product is belong to the ester-soluble things and apt to be absorbed by the human body.

This product is a natural marine biological product that aimed at the middle-aged and old crowd, rich in EPA and DHA, it has the function of regulating the fat of blood, reducing the total cholesterol and triglyceride, raising HDL, reducing blood viscosity, preventing the disease of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular, such as: atherosclerosis, cerebral thrombus, coronary heart disease etc. , it also has the function of reducing the insufficient of brain blood supply that caused by blood pressure, dizzy and headache etc. .

This product is a kind of pure natural functional product of healthy, the effective composition DHA , EPA belong to Omega-3 polyunsaturated acid, it is a necessary nutriment to human body that the land animals and plants do not contain , and the human body can't synthesize by oneself.

 Batching : Refined ethyl fish oil, vitamin E;
 Suitable crowds: the crowd of high fat of blood;
 Unsuitable crowds: younger, pregnant woman, the women who breast-feeding their children, the person who is apt to bleed;
 term of validity: 24 months;
 storage: Low temperature , photophobic , seal with nitrogen filled;
 Dosage and Administration: Three times a day, 1-2 each time, eat with warm water