Sell EPDM rubber granule

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We have many colors of EPDM granules such as Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. We also have two sorts of the EPDM granules. One is sulfur cured, another is peroxide cure. It can be used for constructing track&field, playground and other outdoor sport court. It will not be depigmentized, pulverized or softened by UR, ozone and acid rain and can keep fresh color for a long period. The max size is 4mm and the min size is 0.5mm.
The products are all in line with the EU standard. High-quality, low cost and better competitive in the market is the vantage of the product. We have three Production Lines, and amply power resources and natural resources. So we can supply products in time.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2400 Tons per Month
Available Colors
Terms of Sale
FOB China
25 Kg