Sell EPE And Air Bubble Film Bag Making Machine

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Performance and Characteristics:

The machine gathers the advantages of domestic and foreign models, a reasonable compact mechanical structure, operation in low noise, using micro-computer control, LCD screen display, the Chinese operating instructions, so that is the ideal equipment of producing the production of Pearl Wool And Bubble Film Bags.

Equipment features:

* Introduction of a computerized control system, human-machine interface, simple operation and accurate bag length.

* Making the bilateral water-cooled, rapid cooling, heat-cutting neatly, sealing side firmly.

* Auto-folding feed can be homogeneous edge, dislocation side bag making, can completely replace the manual folding, save on labor costs.

* Many bag of feed at the same time, and can promote the efficiency.

* Eagerly mechanism design is reasonable, suitable for thin soft bubble film, Expanded polyethy lene bag, but does not sealing putty.

* Adjust heat sealing time-parameters; it can be used within the thickness of 2mm Expanded polyethy lene bag, without an additional body.

1, firmly bag sealing line, high production efficiency.

2, easy to use, speed adjust flexible and smooth.