Sell EPS Automatic Vacuum Shape Molding Machine ZC-1460

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1. Touchable screen and PLC computer controller to be used in opening and shutting the door, sending, heating, keeping temperature, cooling, and releasing from mold.
2. Following different products wanted, way of the inputting EPS beads are different, the user can chose as common, pressure, vacuum. , so that the keep machine working stably .
3. Advanced liquid pressure system adopted, being closing and running separated, comparing with some machine made by other makers, the machine can save energy as to 30%.
4. New techniques adopted, the programmed computer can control every working step accurately. 5. The balancing valve adopted during heating, therefore, hot steam pressure, temperature, inside of the machine is the same during the machine working, resulting in quality is better, energy is saving.
6. Vacuum system include such as, vacuum storing pot, cooler, high speeding water-circle vacuum pump. Being suitable vacuum system adopted, the machine can reduce the water, short drying time, short per working cycle.