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The piece material through the vacuum hot shape. can to make the various packing containers, like quick meal box and instant noodles bowl etc . and to be gernerally acknowledged the environmental protection material when the product have been Used to the domains such as building , packing , decoration material , highway traffic and aviation etc, again to be called " solid air ", owing to the fact of the light specific gravity

Introduction of Line
This unit uses advanced technology. With the raw material of currency level polystyrene, inpouring the froth reagent and auxiliary reagent when crowding out . Crowd the froth out by the pattern head . Accomplish whole course of product production through cooling, cutting and towing.

1. Special stud design urges the resin evenly before crowding out to melt .
2. Foaming agent pours into the proportion is simple and convenient and rapid and reliable, and making that the bubble multiple is stable, and product density fits the requirement with the guaranty .
3. Special design is exchanged the net ware and is not exactly stopped that the machine change and rinseing strains the net.
4. The thickness of board can be adjusted by way of a pattern mouthful adjustment organization crowding out the pattern head.
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