Sell EQ65AT: Digiprojex E-cube Mini Barebones PC

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EQ65AT: Digiprojex E-cube Mini Barebone PC

Compact, Silent and Deadly!

Extended AGP Slot
Bundled AirFlow GuideIntegrated 3D Graphics
Front IO Panel Connect
Onboard LAN
USB 2. O Front & Back
Transparent Panels
Adjustable EL Lights
Aluminum Casing & More!

Based on the Intel 865G chipset, with many cool features such as integrated 3D graphics, USB2, onboard LAN & extended AGP slot, to mention a few, the Digiprojex EQ65AT is ideal for PC game system integrators and sellers.

The aluminum casing and unique acrylic handle allow it to be carried anywhere, especially for LAN gamers who would welcome the mobility, while the bundled airflow guide provides silent and efficient cooling solutions for AGP Cards.

Front IO Panel Connections enable easy hookups to entertainment devices, while it's back panel connections offer even more options.

The attractive design, which incorporates LED CPU fans & adjustable EL lights & transparent panels will make any gamer a proud owner!


Handle bar design for portability.

Intel 865G + ICH5 with USB2.0 controller.

Integrated + Discrete Gfx AGP 8X support.

Extend AGP 8X slot and airflow guide.

SATA pin head support.

State of art IDs W/ EL light.

Swing top cover feature support.

Transparent panel design ( Optional) .

Available in Silver , White and Black color.


The Digiprojex EQ65AT is supplied with Intel Socket 478 motherboard, power supply, chassis and bundled airflow guide.

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