Sell ER series lithium battery for utility meters

ER series lithium battery for utility meters You May Also Be Interested In: cr1 3n er series li socl2 battery li/socl2 battery utility meters
3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries cells

Li-SOCl2 battery can serve you both higher quality and lower price.
Our competitive items, such as ER10450(size AAA) , ER11160, ER13150, ER14250(size 1/2AA) , ER14335(size 2/3AA) ,
ER14505(size AA) , ER17335(size 2/3A) , ER18505(size A) , ER20505, ER26500(size C) , ER34615(size D) , ER33100, ER33060,
ER14250H, ER14505H, ER26500H, ER34615H, ER14505M, ER18505M, ER20505M, ER26500M, ER10450S, ER14505S, ER18650S,
ER20650S, ER25500S, ER251020S, ER34615S, etc.
3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries*(ER14250 ER14335 ER14505 ER18505 ER26500 ER34615 9V lithium battery)
3.0V lithium manganese dioxide batteries(CR14250 CR123A CR14505 CR17450 CR1/3N CR425 CR18505 CR34615 CR26500 CR17450 CR2 CRP2 CRV3. . . )
1.5V Lithium Iron Disulphide Batteries Size AA and size AAA
1.2V nimh nicd rechargeable batteries
3.7V lithium ion rechargeable batteries
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