Sell ESAYSIZER2.0  ---latest particle size analyzer from OMEC

ESAYSIZER2.0  ---latest particle size analyzer from OMEC You May Also Be Interested In: he ne laser particle size analyzer
1. Easy to operate: after selecting start the system leads to use through the measurement process from loading sample, beam alignment, background measurement, obscuration adjustment through measurement, reporting and finally system cleaning. The complete measurement process including reporting is fully automated.
2. Prior set-up of measurement modes: key parameters for measurement of particular samples such as refractive index, distribution mode, concentration, ultrasonic duration, circulating speed and sampling duration can be pre-set. Then sample measurement is just a question of selecting the pre-set mode and loading the sample leading to highly repeatable results.
3. Automatic instrument status check: the instrument automatically checks for malfunctions providing prompts when a problem or fault is detected.
4. Robust design: the system has been designed to be shock and dust proofed allowing for ease of transportation and use in hostile environments.
5. Range of easy-to-change sample feeders: including standard, small volume and acid proof system.
6. Compact structure: the measurement unit and sample feeder are combined so that the complete system is compact at 650W465W375mm (LWWWH) taking up minimal bench space.
1. Measuring range: 0.1~5005m
2. Repeatability: 1% (for mono disperse particles)
3. Number of detectors: 54
4. Light source: He-Ne laser, 2.0mw, 0.63285m
5. Measurement report items: particle size distribution table & graph, mean diameter, median