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This ESD work bench is designed according to European EN-61340 Anti-static Standard.

It can meet the high standards of production. Its modular and humanistic design make its annex meet ergonomics. Customers can combine the parts together arbitrarily due to its interchangeability. The installation is convenient and quick.

Main Specifications:

*Bench Surface:

Material: everlasting anti-static fire-proof pad, anti-static core

Advantage: alkali & acid proof, wearable and anti-strike. Static electricity is discharged vertically, avoiding static electricity goes through work area.

Size: l(1m~2m) WW(0.6m~1.2m) WT25mm

*Support and spare parts

*cold rolled steel sheet baking varnish

*surface height : 670mm-1120mm

*max weight:500kgs

            . .

1. bench surface: (W=0.6~1.2m; L=1m~2m)

2. bench support

3. pipe support with a punch

4. hook guide(tools with 30kgs can be hooked)

5. light (36w raster, soft)

6. s-265 drawer and fixer (max 10kgs)

7. adjustable shelf ( max 100kg, angle 0-25)

8. normal steel shelf (max 50kgs)

9. documents shelf (max 5kgs)

10. hanging shelf

11. upper baffle (it can hold papers and obstruct eyesight)

12. cabling slot

13. power socket (2500W,10A)

14. plastic container support (max 15kg)

15. cabinet for storing component box

16. cpu shelf (width between 180-225mm)

17. keyboard shelf

18. wrist strap socket