Sell ESG Pneumatically controlled piston valve

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ESG Pneumatically controlled piston valve is acceptable for water, liquid, neutral gas, water vapor, slightly corrosive gas, other mediums and so on. It is easy to install with low energy consumption, but no need special maintenance. With the characteristic of quick response with high stability, long service life, it will make your investment on our valves more economical. Our products have been widely used for breweries, textile printing and dyeing and bleaching, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, food processing, rubber machinery, the organic and inorganic chemistry, cleaning and disinfecting, killing bacteria in high temperature, water & sewage disposal Plant and so on.
2/2-way externally controlled valve

Maintenance free
Easy installation

Low energy consumption
Very long life span
Quick response with high reliability
Your investment in our valves makes economical sense.

Use with:

Water, other liquids, natural gas, 1800 steam, can be used with slightly corrosive gas and liquids.
Many Application
Textilc printing and dying
Pharmaceutical and medical equipment
Food processing
Rubber manufacturing facilities
The organic and in-organic Chemical Industry
Washing and disinfection using high temperature to eliminate bacteria
Water&sewage disposal Plant