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1. The tube is using 3.2%(0.129mol/L) Trisodium Citrate as anticoagulation. Black closure
2. Specimen:whole blood
3. Spec:13*75mm;12*75mm
4. Draw volume:2.0ml
5. Max. vacuum degree tolerance:14%

Others' Descriptions:
1. Simple and quick:In advance to add various
additives, no temporary preparation. 2. A multi-
needle to reduce the duplication of operations, to reduce the suffering of patients. The realization of a blood collection and testing operation. 3. Directly on the machine, saving operating time test.4 Accurate and reliable. Silicified wall using a unique processing technology, to ensure that blood samples
of the original characters. 5. Anticoagulant ratio of science, and reliable test results .6. Blood test can be full closure and to prevent blood from being contaminated in the operation. 7. International cap marked dialectical color, easy to identify, select and classification. Safe and effective. Mining helmets stamped vessels, improved blood collection and testing of security. 8. The whole closed system to avoid cross-infection. Reduce hemolysis or abnormal clotting of the false result and further
seizure. 9. Mining vessels and world-renowned brand testing equipment compatible, easy to operate. To reduce the blood clot caused by micro-equipment plug.
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CE,ISO19001,13485 Certification
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Black closure
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L/C at sight or T/T
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