Sell ET700A GPS vehicle tracker GPS car tracker & EX1000 web based tracking software

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The ET700A [door lock/unlock version] is a small yet powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device for professional fleet management, AVL services. Optional mobile data terminal or handset phone for 2 way voice/ message communications. Built-in 800Mah battery for long lasting operation without external power, builtin memory for data logging of 30,000 waypoints, Harsh-weather and shock resistant PCB design, It has outstanding multiple inputs and outputs: door lock/unlock, cut relay, temperature sensor, original car alarm systems, etc. It is designed for almost any vehicles. With its compact and small size, (Cigarette box size) , easy hide and installation inside the vehicle. U-blox GPS module and Siemens GPRS module.

1. Real time GPS report
- fixed time report
- fixed distance report
- Mileage report
- Vehicle status report:
- Ignition on/off report
- Report upon request
- Intelligent vehicle moving report
- Intelligent vehicle stopping report
- Enforced GPRS report update
- Keep Alive GPRS connection
- GPS storage when GPRS disconnected, and forward when connection regains.
- Back up positioning by GSM base station when GPS is not available
- Report by combiled fixed time, fixed distance, speed setting
2. Alarm & Alarm Report:
- Emergency report
- Car jacking alarm
- Cry for help rescue report
- Anti-theft alarm ( work with original car alarm)
- Automatical arming
- Illegal door open alarm in arming mode
- Illegal ignition on alarm report
- Main power disconnecting alarm
- Low voltage alarm
- Vehicle moving alarm in arming mode
- Geo-fencing alarm report
- GPS antenna cut report
- GPS antenna connect report
- Connect with original car alarm
- Compatible with original alarm remote
- Wireless ID check
- RFID Fingerprint lock
- Speeding report
- Overtime driving report
- In geofence report
- Route deviation report
- Goods discharge report
- Overtime stopping report
- Ignition on alarm when stopping
- GSM roaming alarm

3. Control:
- Immobilization of fuel
- Immobilization of power
- Remote locking vehicle
- remore voice monitoring
- Remote panic alarm
- Remote sleeping mode setting
- Remote door lock/unlock
- Remote open/close door
- Automatical lock/unlock door when ignition on/off

4. Voice communication:
- Handset phone
- Restricted number dial out
- Restricted dial number digit limit
- Automatical pick up incoming phone
- Handfree voice communication
- Wireless keypad dialer
- Voice dial out
- Incoming call forwarding
- Incoming call display
- Incoming dial number record ( 10 in and 10 out numbers)
- Phone book ( 99 numbers)
- Hot line for call center
- Special phone line for Ambulance/vehicle repair/information

5. Notification
- Failure function report
- Bus station notification
- Mileage report
- Ignition on/off notification
- Open/close door notification
- GSM roaming notification

6. Alternative mobile phone tracking and control

7. Multimedia communication
- Voice station anounce
- News release ( from car center)
- Fleet management information release from call center

8. Data logger ( 30, 000 waypoints)
9. Mileage calculation, traveling history data request.
10. Firmware upgrade by PC program

Standard Package:

Main Unit
Wire Harness
Cut Relay
Emergency SOS button
GPS/GPRS Antennas
Blank/Color Box


Handset Phone
Mobile Data Display
PC Set Up Cable
Wireless Keypad dialer ( for engine lock, and wireless dial out)
Temperature Sensor
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10,000 Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 weeks
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 units
Terms of Payment
T/T, Western Union
Terms of Sale
FOB shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
1 year