Sell ETT Tube/Endotracheal Tube

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1. Firm wall for ease of intubations but soften to body temperature to conform to the anatomy of the upper respiratory tract;
2. Kink-resistnat, minimizes possiblility of tube occlusion;
3. Oral/Nasal version a flexible approach to the route of intubation;
4. One-way valve for efficient and easy inflation and deflation of cuff;
5. Comprehensive size range to suit all adolescent and adult tracheal sizes;
6. The size of the trachesl tube inward diameter is printed on the Pilot Balloon. This enables a clear indication of the tracheal tube size in-situ;
7. A black intubations depth marker is located 3cm proximal to the cuff. This assists the accurate placement of the tracheal tube tip within the trachea