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European General Purpose Fuses offer many technical and economical advantages for the protection of electrical industrial distribution and control equipment. The high breaking capacity and exceptional reliability of these fuses make them a valuable asset to network protection.

Depending on the range of required circuit ampere ratings, these fuses offer two types of constructions. Ferrule fuses are classically applied up to 125 Amps. For higher ratings, up to 1250 Amps, bladed fuse designs are available. All constructions are available with and optional internal indicator system. Please consult the factory for more details

250VAC to 660VAC
0.25A to 1250A
20,000A to 200,000A I. R.
IEC 269-1, 269-2
NFC 60200, 60210, 60211
VDE 0636
DIN 57 636, 43 620
Optional internal indicator systems.
Type gI-Gull Range for protection of conductors and components against low overloads.
Type aM-Motor protection fuses. Designed to withstand motar starting currents and provide short circuit protection. PROTECTION OF DISTRIBUTION CIRCUITS
The European standards apply the gI Type fuses (future type gG per IEC 269-1) to provide full range interruption capability. These designs offer protection against low overloads to protect cables , conductors, and transformers against overheating. In addition, with high protect cables, conductors, and transformers against overheating. In addition, with high breaking capacities from 20KA to 200KA, these fuses offer complete short circuit protection.

PROTECTION OF MOTORS: The type aM fuse is provided by the European standards for the protection of motors. These fuses are not designed to interrupt small overloads, as they are classically associated with a coordinated protection relay. Designed to withstand the motor starting currents without damage, their high breaking capacities offer exceptional short circuit protection.