Sell EV443/CNC Corner Cleaner Machine for Vinyl/PVC Profiles

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EV443 CNC Corner Cleaner comes with
3, 0mm groove knives (2-off)
Frame support table (1-off)
TCT Milling Blade
Air service unit
Serial cable
Programming and connectivity software (CD)
Instruction manual (CD)
Features and benefits
-Automatically grooves both top and bottom profile faces and mills outside
edge in one operating cycle
-Wide range of outside shaped profiles can be cleaned due to CNC controlled
milling blade.
-Up to 25 different program slots available
-Programs created on desktop or laptop computer
-Programs transmitted to machine memory via serial cable from computer
-Simple to program, uses standard EXCEL to create programs
-Digital display allows for 'tweaking' of the programs for optimum finish
-Full interpolation enable decorative shapes to be milled
-Milling blade provides a superior finish due to more teeth and higher periphery speed when compared to conventional cutter sets
-Total flexibility with full operation or option to isolate either or both groove knives or milling blade
-Single side grooving selection for non-white or foiled profiles
-Cleaning cycle activated automatically as frame joint is inserted
-Small footprint - measures only 86 cm x 98 cm excluding frame support table
Technical Data
-Milling blade 250 mm dia. 5mm thick, 25mm bore
-Knife 3, 0mm
-Mains voltage 3~, 400-440v, 50Hz
-Milling spindle 2800 rpm
-Power output 0, 55kw
-Compressed air supply 5 bar minimum
-Air consumption 15 ltr per second
-Dimensions excluding frame support table 980 x 860 x 1545 mm
-Weight 420 Kg
Brand Name
Available Colors
Green / Yellow
Condition of Goods
980 x 860 x 1545 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Ex Stock
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Warranty Coverage
12 Months
420 Kg