Sell EVA hotmelt adhesive film

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hotmelt adhesives feel softly, compound temperature is low, the ahesives scope is widespread. The specificationsare as follows :
Material: EVA
product specification: Thickness 0.04-0.25mm, breadth 48-110cm
Thickness error: 10.007mm
Melt range: 75150
Press temperature: 110-1300
Press time: 6-10s
Application range: Each kind of textile need not laundry \ leather \ nonwoven cloth \ lumber \ paper ect
Wash performance: Suggeste not to laundering
Substrate material: release cellophane paper
Appearance: Transparent
Packing: 100 yards each roll or according to customer request
Note: The press temperature and pressure time is only for suggesting the technological conditions, the users should act according to the actual suiuation.