Sell EVOH Composite Anti-oxygen Permeated Pipe Set

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Features of EVOH Pipe Set
1. It adopts barrel and screw specially designed in accordance with property of EVOH resin.
2. Specially designed co-extrusion die head makes an even and organic combination of EVOH resin, adhesive and pipe base.
3. EVOH Composite Anti-Oxygen Permeated Pipe has many advantages such as excellent non-permeability and scent preservation, good anti-ultraviolet ray and other radiations, enlarging the pipe's lifespan for anti-aging and effectively avoiding breeding of germ in the inside wall of pipe.
4. Three-layer and five-layer co-extrusion composite anti-oxygen permeated pipe set has the following models, PP-R/EVOH, PB-EVOH, PE-RT/EVOH, PE-Xa/EVOH, PE-Xb/EVOH and PE/EVOH.
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60 days
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