Sell EW803 digital voice recording mp3 player gift pen

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This pen could be used:

1. As a normal ballpoint pen to write
2. As a mp3 player to store and play your favorite songs
3. As a recorder to record meeting, conversations and lectures. (recordings can be listened to directly from the pen or uploaded to your computer for playback)
4. As a flash drive to transport all your important files with you
5. To take verbal notes while you are working
6. Very small, light-weight, is suitable to reside in your shirt pocket.
7. To secretly record conversations with persons whom you engage in conversation.

Product Feature:

Built in FLASH memory (1GB/2GB)
High Quality MP3 and WMA, ASF music Format Playback
Included USB Cable Connector easily Docks to any USB jack
Without LCD Display
Superb quality Digital Voice Recording in ACT audio format
A-B Repeat playback
USB Bus Battery recharge
Built-in 3.7V re-chargeable Li-Ion Battery
Up to 8 hr MP3 playback time
Upgradeable firmware included Windows 98 Driver, required for Win2000/ME/XP
Metal casing
USB2.0 Full speed"
Compatible with windows 98/2000/ME/XP, Mac 9. X and above

NET Weight: 41g
Size: 143MMx15. 3MM (length x diameter)

Our EW803 pens are the following special features.

1. Because the built-in Mic is good quality and sensitive, It has the best sound recording quality (very clear recording) and could clearly record sound 10 meters away
2. The keys are very sensitive, respond quickly to all pushes
3. The size of keys are moderate, so it is very easy to use.
4. Super long voice recording time , (store up to 282hours recording)
Supply Capacity