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Electric wheelchair ramp apply on Low Floor City Bus, installed underside of passenger door step and platform can be extended and retracted smoothly. When the platform reach working position, the rear-end of ramp will raise automatically to eliminate height of threshold of passenger door so as to ensure rear-end of platform level up to vehicle floor, convenient for wheelchair to access vehicle.
The XINDER electric wheelchair ramp has gained the Chinese patent (the number of the patent: ZL 02 2 83133.9)
Unique patent, super thin (60mm) , super light (45Kg)
Unique double hinged mechanism for lifting rear-end of ramp can eliminate height of threshold of passenger door, thus ramp can installed underside of passenger door step and that wont weaken strength of skeleton near door, convenient for wheelchair to access vehicle
Intelligent control by computer program and non-contact access switch, retract automatically in case contact obstruction and also interlocked with passenger door
Electric driven device achieve ramp smoothly extended and retracted
Manufactured by stainless steel and aluminum alloy, honeycomb aluminum plate. With superexcellent performance of anti-corrosion.
Apply successfully on 18m Articulated City Bus of Beijing BRT

Technical Specification
1, L & W &H of wheelchair ramp 1415mm1125mm60mm
2, L & W of platform extending 1060mm 1008mm
3, Lifting height of rear end of platform (fully extending of platform) 55mm
4, Max. operation height 300mm
5, Max. load capacity 350Kg
6, Dead weight 45Kg
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Patents or Trademarks
patent&3A ZL 02 2 83133.9