Sell EWR Series Helical Gear Reducer

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1. 1 Features: Small off-center output and compact structure, maxi mum utilization of housing space, integral casting housing with a good rigidity to enhance the shaft strength and service life of bearing.

1. 2 Types of installation and output: Base type, big or small flange type installation, and output through solid shaft.

1. 3 Input types: Couple-type motor, input through shaft and input through coupling flange.

1. 4 Speed reducing ratio: Two-stage: 5-24. 8, three-stage: 27. 2-264, and combination of EWR/EWR can reach 18125.

1. 5 Average efficiency: Two-stage: 96%, three- stage: 94%, and combination of EWR/EWR 85%.

1. 6 EWRM series that is specifically designed for mixing is able to bear more axial force and radial force.