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Sinotag Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd is a manufacture in China that specializes in making EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) products. With over 10 years experience in EAS industry, we have been developing more than 100 types of products ranging from RF/AM (Radio Frequency/ Acoustic Magnetic) Hard Tags(Bottle Tag, Ink Tag, Optical Tag, Blister Tag, Waterproof Tag, Jewelry Tag, Soft Tag, EM Strip etc) , RF Labels(Sticker Tag, Transparent Tag, Thermal Transfer Tag, Thermal Printing Tag, Source Tagging etc) , EAS Accessories (Safer for CD/DVD/Cigarette/
Gum/Battery/Tape/Ink Jet, Detacher, Lanyard, Pin, Lock, Ferrite Coil, Clutch etc) and EAS Systems & Deactivators(Antenna, Deactivation Pad, Detector, Sensor, Reader etc) .