Sell East Lost Hills Gas Find

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Property being offered is located in East Lost Hills out of Bakersfield California.100% interest in drilling & 100% mineral rights w/ easement. Its a few miles from the Berkley Blowout, Bellevue #1, Berkley, ELH #4, North Belridge, Lucky Dog, EKHO 1, Cal Canal and ELH 9 &1. Section 6, Township 27, Range 22 E, In Lost Hills California, Out of Bakersfield. 100% interest in drilling for any and all minerals, along with easement. All oil, oil rights, minerals, mineral rights, natural gas, natural gas rights and other hydrocarbons by whatsoever name known that may be within or under the parcel of land hereinabove described, together with the perpetual right of drilling, mining, exploring and operating therefor the removing of the same from said land or any other land, including the right to whipstock or directionally drill and mine from lands other than those hereinabove described, oil or gas wells, tunnels and shafts into, through or across the subsurface of the land hereinabove described, and to the bottom such whipstocked or directionally drilled wells, tunnels and shafts under and beneath or beyond the interior limits thereof, and to redrill, retunnell, equip, maintaion, repair, deepen and operate any such wells or mines, without, however, the right to drill, mine, explore and operate through the surface or the upper 100 feet of the subsurface of the land hereinabove described or otherwise in such a manner a to endanger the safety of any highway that may be constructed on said land. If your company is interested or need further information please do respond by email Thank you for your time.