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Easy Open Ends / Easy Open Covers / Easy Open Lids

Top quality Tinplate and Aluminum Easy Open Ends are available for packing; both retort / sterilized products, like tuna fish, tomato paste, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc. , and also for dry packs such as coffee powder, milk powder, cereals and nuts, at competitive prices.

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Round Easy Open ends are available in all sizes starting from 52 mm (202 dia) upto 153 mm (603 dia)
Round easy open covers are available with full aperture opening and partial opening
Easy Opening Ends are outside gold / clear lacquered with opening instructions printed in black colour. It is also possible to print lids as per client's requirement
Inside of the easy opening lids are food lacquered as per pack requirement
Supply of mixed sizes of Tinplate easy open lids in one container load is possible
Dia sizes for tinplate easy open lids

52 mm (202 dia) EOE 63 mm (209 dia) EOE
65 mm (211 dia) EOE 71 mm (214 dia) EOE
73 mm (300 dia) EOE 84 mm (307 dia) EOE
99 mm (401 dia) EOE 108 mm (404 dia) EOE
127 mm (502 dia) EOE 153 mm (603 dia) EOE

Irregular shapes in Tinplate Easy Open Ends

Irregular Easy Open Covers are available in oval, rectangular and pear shapes
Most sizes are available
Aluminium Easy Open Ends

Aluminum Easy Open Ends are available in all sizes starting from 50 mm (202 dia) upto 127 mm (502 dia)
Aluminum Easy Opening Covers are available for packing retort (sterilized) food products and also for packing powder products
Most aluminium ends for packing powder products have safety feature to avoid hand cut
Sizes for aluminium easy opening lids

50 mm SOT (stay-on-tab) aluminum beverage ends for packing juice
52 mm RPT (ring-pull-type) aluminum beverage ends for packing juice
57 mm SOT (stay-on-tab) / LOE (large-opening-end) for packing both carbonated and sterilized beverages
63 mm RPT (ring-pull-type) aluminium ends for packing evaporated milk & juice
63 mm and 65 mm full aperture opening ends for packing retortable food products
73 mm, 84 mm, 99 mm, 127 mm full aperture opening safety feature aluminum easy open ends for packing powder products
New sizes get added regularly
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