Sell Easy Open End - 99 MM

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Easy Open Ends / Easy Open Lids / Easy Open Covers

Scan Holdings offers the food industry Tinplate and Aluminum Easy Open Ends of highest quality at very competitive prices. These Easy Open Lids are available for packing both; Retort / Sterilized products like Tuna fish, Tomato paste, Juices etc. and also for dry packs like Coffee powder, Milk Powder, Nuts etc.

Our range of Tinplate Easy Open Covers includes all sizes of round Easy Open Ends like 52mm (202 Dia) , 63mm (209 Dia) , 65mm (211Dia) , 71mm (214 Dia) , 73mm (300 Dia) , 84mm (307Dia) , 99mm (401 Dia) , 108mm (404 Dia) , 127mm(502 Dia) , 153mm (603 Dia) . These are available in Full aperture opening and partial opening. Easy Open Lids in round, oval and rectangle shape are also available. The Easy Open Covers are Outside Gold / Clear lacquered with black color opening instructions. Outside of the Easy Open Lids can also be printed as per customers design. Inside of the Easy Open Covers is food lacquered as per the pack requirement. We can supply mixed sizes of tinplate Easy Open Ends in one container load.

Our range of Aluminum Easy Open Ends includes all sizes like 50mm SOT for Juice Cans, 63mm partial opening Aluminum Easy Open Ends for Evaporated Milk, 63 mm Full Aperture Opening Aluminum EOE for packing food products, 73mm and 99mm Aluminum Easy Open Covers with Safety Rim for packing dry products like milk powder, coffee powder, nuts etc.

Our Easy Open Lids are getting exported to many countries around the World. You can expect from us the best quality Easy Open Lid at highly competitive price.
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