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Utilizing pure physical theory to washing cloths, using pure natural mineral as original
material, releasing super powerful FIR rays and negative ions, dividingthe water and smarminess molecules into nanometer grade, so that to activate the enzyme in the water better, improving the self-cleaning ability of water. According the test of authoritative national department, the washing ability is no lessthan the traditional washing detergent, but the whitening and antibacterial ability is much more better than that of general washing detergent. Meanwhile, itcontains many other minerals like organic germanium etc, so that can help you to keep health.

[Washing Characteristics]
Easy, Effective & Economical, Laundry Balls Type E unleashes the ionic cleaning power inside your washer for a super wash every time! Through a unique molecular ionization process, the laundry balls naturally and gently clean laundry without the use of harsh chemicals. The balls are powerful, foamless, fresh, reusable, detergent free, soap free, no harsh chemical, no Phosphorus, Boron, ABS, LAS or SAS. Hypoallergenic, safe for use on children's and infant's clothes, protect the fibre during the washing, and reduce the pollution of environment.
1. Environmental friendly and safe, no need of pre-using textile softener, no irritability chemicals and innocuity.
2. Soap & detergent free, no soapy film or residue left on clothes.
3. Hypo-allergenic no harm to the skin and anti-bacterial that can kill Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus aureus
4. Safe and economical, save water, save electricity and save time through reducing bleaching times. Only spends several penny for per laundry.
5. Fastness, with very cleansing, no damage to fibre. Free of dyes and keep fragrance
6. Can work as usual no matter under the condition of any temperature.
7. Easy use and take portably, no need of taking out of the balls, measurement and perfusion. Easy store.