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We use the secondary injection to whereas the Chinese and Korean manufacturers use the screw or adhesive to make the ball itself, which make the ball so fragile that it cant last that long. Besides, we, Yame International Taiwan, also uses the Trona (the only one mfg. that uses it) , it intensifies the power to wash.
How the Eco Washing Ball works
The Eco Washing Ball has been well developed and researched for over 10 year; the washing ball is designed with a circular shape in order to prevent possible damage to the laundry.
The Eco Washing Ball is a hygienic product which contains antibacterial ingredients and has effective ability to eliminate bacteria, mold and other harmful substances to the inner of washer and laundry as well to increase the cleaning effect of water.
Features of our Eco Washing Ball are as follows;
1. It is Environmentally-friendly: it contains no chemical substance.
2. Economical: it saves a lot of money; it is estimates to save USD 110 per year. You do not need to buy any detergent anymore and you can also save liter of water most of important of all it shorten the washing time.
3. Easy to use: when laundry put the Eco Washing Ball into the washing machine then it starts working.
4. Convenient: dry the Eco Washing Ball after use or leave it inside the washing machine.
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