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This Eco friendly 100% pure herbal clothes washing powder formulated with social responsibility care and concerns carries forward the Indian tradition of bygone centuries practices and experiences of using natural herbs etc from natures sources in all matters of life styles fitting totally into day to day needs for healthy living. The highly beneficial harmless values of this Indian tradition of bygone centuries is a common house hold experience LONG BEFORE the present chemicals based clothes washing detergents came into present time life styles. Awareness about the highly beneficial harmless values to personal health and eco protection is making more and more end users of clothes washing material SHIFT to the use of eco friendly natural herbal clothes washing materials etc. Extending these remarkable highly beneficial harmless values to gardening it is experienced by actual usage that all the water used with this herbal clothes washing powder if fully collected and poured around garden green plants  these plants grow very well healthy and show increase in yield of flowers, fruits etc.
in end to end tradition based research, development, distribution to end users of this natural ingredients formulated Eco friendly 100% pure herbal holistic grease, dirt, germs cleaning clothes washing powder is the TOTAL FOCUS on the end user's strong desire/want for a 100% pure natural herbal clothes washing powder without any kind of chemicals, artificial colours, artificial surfactants, perfumes, dyes, preservatives or animal by-products.
Emphasizing, thus all clothes, washed with this 100% user friendly clothes washing powder, will after thoroughly normal natural clothes washing WILL NOT have any residue of this clothes washing powder, all clothes will be 100% natural USER SAFE and very comfortable for wear. This natural herbal product washed clothes will therefore carry no chemicals that (if present) deposit on and harm the body skin .
Specifications: -
Ingredients: -A blend of 100% pure natural soapnut powder, soap pods, natural starches, clays, enzymes baking soda.
Foaming type: -medium to low foaming
Form: -In powder form.
Fragrances:- Nil
Colour: -Light brown colour
Shelf life: -In normal room temperature 1 year from the date of packing. Always store it in an air tight container away from moisture when not in use. Always use dry spoons in the container. Note:- If necessary the nose may be covered to avoid inhaling of the fine herbal powder while handling from the container.
Certifications:- Nil - made in a traditional way.
Uses: - An excellent all round clothes washing natural powder used for all general clothes washing purposes of all age groups, deep holistic cleaning natural product. Keeps hands soft and healthy besides being a 100% biological and biodegradable herbal clothes washing powder, is compatible degradent agent for septic tanks and drainage systems. Cleans your clothes holistically free from grease, dirt and germs.

How to use:- Add 1 cup of herbal clothes washing powder in a bucket/washing machine of cold or hot water and soak clothes for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Wash in a washing machine or hand agitated wash as usual and dry in bright sunshine or in shade. For 5kg weight of dry clothes 200gms of powder is sufficient. For sprinkling convenience for hand wash fill the powder in an empty pp bottle with a hole in the lid. Herbal clothes washing powder is used to wash delicate woolen, cotton, polyester, and costly silky clothes, organic clothes etc. It makes your clothes soft, bright and shinning naturally , besides maintaining orginal colour of laundry for longer than conventional detergents. There is no need of adding any type of fabric softener or optical whitener or foaming agents or other chemical additives. All common stains, grease and dirt, odor are removed from the fabric even though, persistent old stains, such as blood, or red wine etc, are more difficult to remove. In such cases to a small quantity of this clothes washing powder you can add some lime juice or white vinegar and rub on the stains for some time to weaken and fade out the stain .
Supply Capacity
10 tons per month
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